Campus World Program

The “Campus World”, developed and promoted by Università Politecnica delle Marche, offers orientation and internships to its students and graduates at our Partner Companies offices abroad.


  • To  deepen the integration between higher education and the business community;
  • To promote the internazionalization process;
  • To give to the participants a hands on working knowledge of different economic contexts;
  • To broaden  the knowledge of foreign languages and cultures;
  • To offer a valuable service to our partner companies;
  • To enhance the career opportunities of our young graduates.


Characteristics of the Internships

The duration of the internship abroad varies from 3 to 6 months. With the agreement of the parties it can be extended to 12 months.
The intern receives a monthly allowance up to a maximum of six months and is insured against the risks of "health and safety at work" as well as "general accidents in a civilian environment".

Our Partners

Public and private international companies, associations that have offices abroad, Italian Chambers of Commerce, Italian Institutes of Culture, foreign subsidiaries of Italian Research Institutes.  


Under the auspices of the "Campus World" programme it has been so far possible to provide internships in the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hawaii, India, Indonesia, England, Ireland, Luxemburg, Mexico, Norway, Holland, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, United States, South Africa, Sweden, Thailand, Hungary.

Advantages for Participants
The main advantages for Partners are:

  • to be able to select the intern of their own choice;
  • the opportunity to acquire new human resources and test their abilities and skills;
  • the acquisition of fresh ideas and new points of view from young people with interesting academic backgrounds;
  • lack of costs for the partner company, since the internship is not a work contract, although the host organization is welcome to offer financial help or facilities to the trainee.

The main advantages for students and young graduates are: 

  • a hands-on work experience in an interesting setting and location;
  • first hand knowledge of different and high-ranking career paths;
  • improving language skills;
  • enrichment of professional CV;
  • possible chance of transforming the work experience into a regular job.

Contractual Obligations of Partners

Partners must sign the "Apprenticeship Agreement for Vocational Training and Orientation" and must communica¬te to the University the availability of places for work experience within the organization.

Contractual Obligations of Interns

The prospective trainee is required to undergo the annual selection procedures of the programme


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