Useful informations for international students

UNIVPM does not have a campus per se. Therefore, it cannot guarantee accommodation for everyone. As finding private housing is not an easy task, it is best to start early before lessons begin in the first semester. Students should contact either the Office of External Affairs tel. 071-2202344 who can provide a list of rooms or furnished flats available.

There are some places for students available in university dormitories which are managed by the students' association ERSU and situated in four buildings throughout the city:

  • "Casa dello Studente", Via Lambro 1, Torrette;
  • "Casa dello Studente", Via Saffi, 22;
  • "Casa dello Studente", Via Scosciacavalli, 8/14;
  • "Casa dello Studente", Montedago.

There is also university housing available for visiting professors and academic staff one block away from the Faculty of Economics "Giorgio Fuà":

  • Residence Hall, Via Matteotti 96

University accommodation for Erasmus students will be arranged, as available, in the "Casa dello Studente", in double rooms with kitchen and bathroom facilities in common. There are separate flats of three or four double rooms for men or women and therefore, there are no co-ed facilities. The rooms are completely furnished and bed linens are provided, but not bathroom towels.
The Residence Hall is made up of apartments with two double rooms with private bathrooms. The kitchen facilities are in common.

Before leaving your own country
You should discuss the courses that you ought to attend in Ancona with your Erasmus Co-ordinator who can also provide you with some useful information about your stay here.
Students are reminded to fill in the application forms concerning their stay, available on the Web page: or from the Office of External Affairs.
Students are also reminded to take all necessary documents such as a passport or identity card, a National Health Service certificate, et all.

How to reach Ancona
You can reach Ancona by train, by plane or ferryboat. The Falconara airport is 12 km from Ancona. You can reach the centre of the town with the airport bus or by taxi. From train station you can reach the Faculty by bus and the port is in the centre of town within walking distance.
Students are invited to arrive in Ancona before the start of the Italian language course which begins in September during first semester, and in January during second semester (for details see section IV).

When you arrive
Students arriving in Ancona must go to the Office of External Affairs of the University for information about all the procedures that they need to follow. They will need to bring 3 passport-sized photos.

The Office of External Affairs contact of UNIVPM is:

Dr. Luciana Martini
Erasmus Office - Office of External Affairs
(Ripartizione Relazioni Esterne)
Piazza Roma - 60121 Ancona
Tel. 071/2202318
Fax. 071/55427

Residence permits for foreign students
Within 8 days after their arrival in Italy, foreign students must present themselves to the local central police station for a foreigners' residence permit. No extension of this permit can be given to non-EU students who after the second academic year of attendance have not passed at least three exams, and so on, every year for the following academic years. The foreigners' residence permit cannot be renewed for more than two years beyond the legal end of studies (e.g., if students are studying at the Faculty of Engineering which has a 5 year long course, they cannot renew their permit after the 7th year of study). Non-EU students cannot obtain the modification of a residence permit issued for study to one valid for employment (with the exception of students legally present for whatever reason prior to 31.12.1989).

In order to obtain a residence permit students must apply, in person, to:

Central Police Headquarters
Foreigner's Office
Via Gervasoni, 19 Ancona
Tel. 071/22881

(Opening Hours: Monday, Thursday, Friday: 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.; Thurday 3:00 p.m.-5:30 p.m.) (Information by phone: everyday: 12:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m.)

Applicants must bring:

  • a valid passport
  • a photocopy of the passport
  • three document-sized photographs
  • a certificate of acceptance to UNIVPM (available at the Register's Office)
  • certificate of housing (if students are staying at a student dormitory ERSU will issue one, if students are in private housing they can bring a copy of their rental contract).

Health and Insurance
University students from the European Union are entitled to the services of the Italian National Health Service. They are obliged to contact the local health office and furnish a National Health Service card or certificate from their country of origin (the E111 Certificate) in order to obtain medical assistance. T hey will be given a "carnet", a renewable booklet of coupons, that is to be presented when medical assistance is required. The health office Erasmus students in Ancona should go to is:

Azienda Unità Sanitaria Locale n.7
Distretto Centro
Via De Gasperi, 86
Tel. 071/5965977
Opening hours: 9:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m. Monday to Saturday

UNIVPM has an insurance policy for students that covers risk or accidents when they are on the university premises. Students are advised to have an insurance policy that covers risks or accidents for the length of their stay in Italy.

Most business transactions in offices, shops, and restaurants in Italy are conducted mainly in cash. Credit cards and traveller's cheques are welcome in shops that post notices on their doors. Banks are open Monday to Friday from 8:20 a.m. to 1:20 p.m. and in the afternoon with times varying from bank to bank. There are many different banks in Ancona, and to facilitate transactions students should check with their bank at home to see which one they are affiliated with.

For student reference we have enclosed a list of consulates of the main countries involved in Erasmus student exchanges. The following is a list of consulates located in Ancona:

  • Belgium: Via Palombare, 2/f; tel. 071/2801935
  • Denmark: Via Cialdini, 57; tel. 071/501011
  • France: Via Marsala, 12; tel. 071/206866
  • Mexico: Piazza Cavour, 29; tel. 071/203070
  • The Netherlands: Corso Stamira, 49; tel. 071/204070
  • Sweden: Via Cialdini, 57; tel. 071/501011/200252
  • Spain: Via Tommasi, 15 (no phone available on date of printing)

For other countries we have enclosed the addresses of consulates in Milan:

  • Austria: Via T. da Cremona, 27 (Metro line: 1, stop: Buonarroti); tel. 02/4812937
  • Finland: Via Ferruccio Francesco, 2; tel. 02/3191071
  • Great Britain: Via San Paolo 7 (Metro line: 1, stop: 3 Duomo); tel. 02/862490
  • Greece: Via Turati, 6 (Metro line: 3, stop: Turati); tel. 02/653775
  • Ireland: Piazza S.Pietro in Gessate, 2 (Bus 60); tel. 02/55187569
  • Luxembourg: Piazza Sempione, 4 (Tram 33); tel. 02/33103387
  • Monaco: Via Saffi (Metro line: 1, stop: Conciliazione); tel. 02/48012038
  • Portugal: Via V. Pisani, 31 (Metro line: 2, stop3 Centrale); tel. 02/66984104
  • Republic of San Marino: Via S. Martino della Battaglia, 12 (Bus 65); tel. 02/58301172
  • Switzerland and Liechtenstein: Via Palestro, 2 (Metro line: 1, stop Palestro) tel. 02/7779161

For further information on UNIVPM, or the city of Ancona, see the Internet web site:

The address of the Tourist Office in Ancona is: Azienda di Promozione Turistica Regionale, Via Thaon de Ravel, 4, tel. 071/358991 and during summer months at the Maritime Train Station Information Office, tel. 071/201183.