Diplomas of Specialisation

As part of the reforms put into effect in higher education, the Faculty has enhanced its range of programmes by offering not only five three-year Laurea programmes and two-year post-graduate Laurea specialistica programmes, but also four "First Level University Master" and two masters in partnership with ISTAO (see Diplomas of Specialisation in this booklet for definition and distinction).

First Level UNIVERSITY MASTERS at the Faculty of Economics "Giorgio Fuà"
The University Master is a post-graduate course of study for a total workload of 60 credits which leads to an academic degree that is legally recognised.

The four programmes set up by the Faculty in the academic year 2002/2003 were planned and carried out in collaboration with local government, companies and associations in order to fulfil the needs of the business and economic world.
They are aimed to both young graduates that wish to specialise and strengthen their opportunities or job placement and company staff and professionals who wish to enrich their knowledge and update their skills.
The study programmes combine theory and practice through the use of case studies and team projects. It aims to create professionals able to adapt and take part in a continuously changing business world.
For information about admission, tuition fees, starting dates and study programmes please contact the person or office indicated below.



Second Level UNIVERSITY MASTERS at the Faculty of Economics "Giorgio Fuà"


    • The Faculty has developed two masters in partnership with ISTAO, one of the oldest and leading Management School in Italy, seated in Ancona and other prestigious institutions. The two masters are:


    • The master is aimed at selecting and training young graduates who want to specialise in international management, especially for small and medium size firms.
    • Other participating institutions in this master are the Ohio College of Business (USA) and Confindustria Marche.